Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June Recap/July Goals

June Goals
1. Stay sane. Done, I guess. I had a week of really high intensity stress, but I’m still alive.

2. Keep trying to quit drinking soda. Pssh, whatevs.

3. Aim for more yoga and/or physical activity in general. I guess I got physical activity from moving most of my stuff three blocks in a handtruck, after carrying it down two flights of stairs. Also, I made it back to dance class twice. That was pretty good.

4. Work on getting my job to help me pay for a trip home. Fail but not my fault. The restructuring means that I am no longer remotely involved with the satellite office, so there’s no chance they’ll subsidize my trip. Oh, well—I found a good deal on a ticket this morning and bought it, and am considering not renting a car and having my mom chauffeur me around (which is normally fine except I am guaranteed to miss my flight back).

5. Move! Done! I just talked to my old landlord about returning the keys, and he asked for my new address to send the security deposit back.

6. Get an iPhone. Done! I love it.

July Goals
1. Unpack and make it feel like home! Peanut and I would like to host a book club at our apartment on July 9, which might be way too soon. If not, we’ll shoot for the 25th.

2. Keep an eye out for that security deposit. I like this landlord and I’m not expecting the same trouble I had a few years ago (when I had to get the state Attorney General involved) but all the same. I don't want to forget about it!

3. Transfer $$$ back into my savings account and reconcile all the moving costs. Anything we buy after July 1 winds up being a household cost, I think.

4. Open a joint checking account with Peanut for shared expenses. We’re looking at Chase and Capital One, since they seem to be the only ones that offer reward checking with no minimum balance or monthly fee.

5. Restructure my budget to plan for more retirement savings and, my favorite, our Sunny Beach Vacation Fund. I'll post the updated budget when I have it ready.

I also updated the Moving List.

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