Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June Spending

Misc Income: 3,749.92
(Includes $3641 for tuition reimbursement, and the rest is mystery shop payments, stuff I sold on Amazon.com, and survey-type payments).

$145 earmarked for travel and gifts
$147.70 into retirement (company matches that)
(Also, eventually that entire tuition reimbursement will go right into savings! I just haven't transferred it over yet).

Cell phone $303.83 (includes monthly bill of $83, plus iPhone at $215 and a case for $7)
Clothes $45.07
Dance Expenses $10 (topping off my class card for the month)
Entertainment $39.50 (mostly putting money into my Paperbackswap account so I could send books I got rid of, also a trip to the movies)
Food—dining out $158.93
Food—groceries $100.03 (I have no idea how these categories are so low—we’ve been eating out A LOT lately. But Peanut hasn’t really been spending much more than me—we’re about even for the month. Weird.)
Gifts $39 (my sister’s birthday, Father’s day cards, card for my boss)
Household $8.24
Internet $59.95 ($25 deposit plus first month’s payment of $34.95)
Laundry $24 (Peanut, apparently I am always paying when we do laundry together. Time to pony up!)
Moving $1,479.85 (broker’s fee, which Peanut owes me half of, plus making copies of the keys, stuff from Target, gas for a friend’s car that we borrowed, etc. We still have to take some people out to dinner)
Mystery shop expenses $0.59
Rent $1,375 (sort of—I paid first month’s rent and Peanut paid the security deposit. After this, we’ll split rent in half)
Therapy $45
Travel $169.21 (plane ticket for my trip in September)
Utilities $50.94
Personal $19.00

Total spending: $3,928.14

Thanks to that tuition reimbursement payment, it appears that I’m ahead for the month, but that’s a little misleading. All in all, considering the move, this is not too bad!

Networth IQ updated as well (see sidebar). Only a $300 increase in retirement this month, little more than what I contributed plus the company match.

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