Friday, June 5, 2009

Last update for today, promise!

I measured my current apartment--I've been living in 411 square feet, 72 square feet of which is a hallway too narrow to do anything other than be a boring hallway. So the total usable square footage of my current apartment is 339. Wowza.

The living room of dream apartment ALONE is 300 square feet.

We went to the broker of what's now our #2 choice, paid him for a credit check fee (refundable if someone else is approved before us and/or possibly if we hear back from Dream Apartment Guy first and tell the broker to cancel it before it goes through). He also showed us a really beautiful place that's out of our budget--$50 too high plus a broker's fee that works out to make it $150 too much per month. Pity, it was really beautiful.

We're meeting up with him again tomorrow to see a very cheap place, a fifth floor walkup with the kitchen "in the living room" which could mean a lovely open bar type space or a ghastly studio situation where a stove and fridge are randomly tossed up against some wall and you have to do dishes in the bathtub. This is New York, I'm not ruling anything out.

Afterwards, we'll see a few other places, just to keep our options open and because we're enjoying seeing the insides of all these buildings in our neighborhood. I have a pretty good feeling about the Dream Apartment, so I'm really hoping it comes through.

If not, I have faith that Peanut will find us a lovely place to live, and even if it's a hovel, I'll be living there with him so it will be great. I hope.


  1. Fingers crossed you get the dream apartment...

  2. I hope it works out!! It sounds great!!

    Wow, you really weren't kidding when you said NYC apartments were small. Makes me feel better about the 600-700 one bedrooms I've been looking at. Then again, I don't live in NYC. hehe.



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