Wednesday, June 3, 2009

May spending

Misc Income: 490.27
(Includes $150 of mystery shop income/reimbursement and the rest was YouData and Pinecone payments, selling my kitchen furniture and a month-late check from my dad for my birthday).

$145 earmarked for travel and gifts
$147.70 into retirement (company matches that!)

Cell phone $81.26
Clothes $85.84
Entertainment $75.24 (mostly books, also Netflix* and contradancing)
Food—dining out $289.45 (about $20 of that is tax deductible since it was at a work conference)
Food—groceries $85.25
Gifts $6
Household $6
Laundry $16 (expensive this month!)
Medical $397.30 (the remainder of my dental bill, covered by flex spending)
Mystery shop expenses $231.22
Rent $1,100
School $2,829.11 (GRRRRR)
Therapy $60
Travel $124.50 (rental car and gas)
Utilities $48.65
Personal $7

Total spending: $5442.82


Of course, taking out the school bill, I spent 2613.71, which is technically more than I brought in, but nearly $400 of that was “preimbursed” by flex spending, so I actually came out under! Woo hoo!

* I was quite sure that I cancelled this last month in time to avoid being charged, but I was wrong. It’s getting cancelled this month for sure.

Networth IQ is updated (see sidebar). That arrow is pointing straight down thanks to that school bill, but my retirement accounts were up by about $1000 again, so that’s nice. I’d love to see that continue!

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