Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday update

The Moving List has been updated yet again.

Our 'Hire movers' plan sort of fell apart, since the price they quoted was about double what I expected (the reason: they charge more than advertised towards the end of the month. I call BS for a number of reasons, one of which is that the 21st was only two-thirds of the way through the month!). I was sort of happy not to use those dishonest guys anyway. So we have ended up moving ourselves, via handtruck and borrowed vehicle. Most of the little stuff is moved, the big stuff will get moved tonight, and the rest of the little stuff will get moved each night over the next week.

Between running loads of stuff through the rain, we spent the weekend cleaning the new apartment: scrubbing cabinets (yay magic sponge!) and recaulking the bathtub and bathroom sink. The TV/computer system is set up (priorities, people!). The kitchen stuff has mostly been unloaded into cabinets. We're still waiting on our mailbox key, and will need to have the super fix our stove (the oven doesn't work, which is just not acceptable for pizza-making fiends like ourselves). I'll change over the electric/gas bill today, and set up the appointment for internet for this coming weekend. We've met a lot of our neighbors, who seem nice, and no one has been grumpy at us for taking up the elevator.

Today I changed my address online at all the places that allow me to do so, and filled out and mailed in forms for the two backwards places that don't. Now I'll just need to get the new address out to family and friends, but that can wait a little bit. After all, I need to play with my...

new iPhone! It's just about the neatest piece of technology I've ever seen in my life. Peanut has been enraptured as well, and I've been lucky to steal it away from him long enough to do anything with it. I still haven't ported over my old contacts or calendar, and now my Palm is packed away somewhere, I think. Oh, well.

I've been bad about updating my spreadsheet and we are basically bleeding money--going out to eat for almost every meal this weekend, buying little things here and there at the hardware store, making a giant list for a Target spree (lamps, oh man do we need lamps! And also blinds.).

Since we ended up moving so soon and without movers, I started throwing things in boxes without really paying attention to it, and I've basically got to the point where I hate everything I own. This move would have been a lot easier if I didn't have a bunch of nonsense belongings that I didn't remember having and don't particularly care to keep, but feel bad getting rid of. JD's post this morning struck home for me in a big way. As I unpack, I'm going to be pretty discriminating about what gets to stay in my new home.

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