Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Moving Countdown: T Minus 22 Days

Last night, during the worst thunderstorm I've ever experienced in New York City, I gave myself a rather stern talking to regarding my behavior about this apartment hunt. No more temper tantrums, no more hyperventilating about needing to know right now, no more obsessing, no more freaking out. It's just an apartment hunt, and I've been through this before, and I know that we are not going to wind up homeless--I mean, if the very worst happened, we can work with my landlord to extend my time to stay in my apartment, or put my stuff in storage and crash with Peanut's current roommate, or SOMETHING. This is not life and death stuff.

(Frankly, I'm a teeny bit surprised that Peanut still wants to live with me after all this. I'm getting on my own nerves so badly, I don't know how I'm not getting on his. But he assures me I'm not. He's so wonderful, everyone go get your own Peanut right now!)

SO. New plan of action. Peanut and I are on exactly the same page about the apartments we've seen and the ones he's going to look at tonight. If he thinks any of them are worth it, we'll go back and look tomorrow night when I don't have school. If we don't have a number one choice by the end of this week, we will up our price range a little or be willing to pay a broker's fee equivalent to one month's rent. Given these concessions, we will easily be able to find a place by the end of the month.

Since I desperately need something to control, I will start methodically packing my apartment into boxes during any time that we're not looking at apartments. I will go through every single thing that I own, purge a lot of junk and make several trips to Goodwill. I will also start looking for things that I want for our new place (like a vacuum cleaner and lamps). I suspect I will probably start packing up his apartment as well, if he'll let me. And I'll start cleaning/staging my apartment so it can be shown to prospective tenants and to ensure the return of my security deposit.

And for everything else that's out of my control (my boss leaving and someone new coming in, which apartment we eventually wind up in and when that's settled, which day we'll move) I will stop worrying about it and let it be. I will refocus on the point of all this--for Peanut and I to officially combine our lives and see where this new adventure will take us.

Hopefully those of you who are vicariously hunting through me can enjoy a more stress-less apartment hunt from now on!

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