Monday, June 8, 2009

Moving Countdown: T Minus 23 Days

Ugh, I'm a huge bundle of nerves. Based on this experience, I am never going to buy a house, or look for a new job, or have a baby or anything. I keep trying to calm myself down and just can't seem to do it.

If I don't hear from landlord guy, I will call him at 6:02 p.m. Peanut is seeing two other apartments today, both of which sound nice and within our budget. I don't know why I'm freaking out about this so much. Okay, yes. Dream apartment is nice, within our budget, has no broker's fee, is only on the second floor, has lots of windows and plenty of space. But it's not the ONLY apartment that meets those requirements. It's not even the first apartment we applied for (btw, we are not going to get that first one, most likely).


Because I've dreamed about it. And I keep thinking of the future as taking place in that apartment. And I hate not knowing what's coming next. I'm going to keep trying to calm myself down for the next 33 minutes until we know for sure.

Then I'm going to dance class to try to dance away some of this tension and get back into a groove.

Oh, and in non-moving news, my boss announced today that she's leaving! Yes, this is the boss who I meant when I said I feel safe at my job as long as she's here. Yeah.

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