Thursday, June 4, 2009

Moving Countdown: T Minus 27 Days

We looked at three apartments today and...made an offer on one? That's what you call it when it's a house. In this case, it's more like we asked them to consider us. We haven't put down any money or signed any papers, but the broker will talk to the management company and run our credit reports, and let us know tomorrow.

This is not the dream apartment from yesterday, but it's good enough. The kitchen is biggish and quite new with a nice counter and cabinets, the living room is big enough, the bedroom's bigger than I was expecting. It has lots of windows (all with screens! which is unusual in NYC). It's on the top floor (of a WALKUP) so there's no noise above us, and there's a lovely garden in the courtyard. Laundry in the building. Very close to the grocery store and the train. No broker's fee (or, more accurately, the landlord is paying it since it's a walkup and harder to rent). A friend of mine lives right down the street. Cats are allowed, although I probably won't inflict that on Peanut while we live in an apartment. All in all, it's perfectly acceptable and I hope we get it.

Here's hoping. I would love to have this over and done with, and we'd be able to move in two weeks over a weekend rather than in the middle of the week to make the first. I also supposedly have someone coming to look at my apartment tonight, and will call my landlord to find out how to refer other people who are interested.

It's all coming together. Hard to believe!


  1. I have to say, your luck with apartments really has me getting irrationally hopeful about the renting situation if I actually do have to relocate out there. I might pick your brains for recommendations or referrals if that actually comes to pass, I hope you don't mind!! :)

  2. I'd be happy to have my brain picked.

    I've looked at a LOT of apartments in New York. I've been here less than six years and will be moving into my fifth apartment. With my last roommate, we started looking two or three months early to get an idea of what was out there, and we saw...maybe a hundred places, no joke. So the upside of that is I can recognize when a place is a good deal, but I am also very fickle and love (almost) every place I see.

    Looking with Peanut has been the easiest hunt so far--he's doing all the searching and lining up of viewings, all the negotiation of rent and fees and move-in dates, and all the reassuring I need. And I trust him more than I ever trusted roommates OR myself. He says he doesn't mind, and I hope that's true. I'm going to make it up to him somehow anyway.

  3. That's so great that he's been so on the ball about looking at apartments. Honestly, having never done a NYC apartment search, it's one of the most intimidating things in the move-to-NY-initiative. :)

    Of course, I'm totally getting ahead of myself. Dream Job still hasn't gotten back to me.


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