Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Moving Countdown: T Minus 29 Days

We just got back from looking at our first apartment. My current landlord showed it to us; it's the only thing they have available in our price range right now. It's okay...actually, the location is really great and the apartment itself is fine, it's bigger than we expected and the price is right. The entrance to the building seems a little rundown and not maintained as well as my current building. It's available now, so we'd have to negotiate not paying rent on my place AND this place for the month (but it's available now, so we could move whenever we wanted).

I'm really torn. New York real estate goes SO FAST. We won't have time to look at anything else until this weekend, by which time this apartment will probably be gone. What to do?

For now, we said we'd like to look at a few more places. My landlord offered me another week to take back my 30 days notice in case we want to wait another month to see what else opens up (I don't think we'll take him up on it since Peanut is sure we can find something by July 1, but it makes me want to stay with the current landlord all the more since he's so damn reasonable to deal with). This weekend we'll look at a swath of places and I guess make a more final decision on this place (or have the decision made for us if someone else takes it).

I'm trying to keep myself calm throughout this. I HATE instability.

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