Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Moving Countdown: T Minus 28 Days

Peanut found THE PERFECT APARTMENT on Craigslist today, minutes after it was posted. I told him to go give lots of money to the landlord to take it down. "Don't even ask to see it!" I said. "Just ask how much he wants for a deposit!! And then go give it to him!!!!"

I'd link to the posting and video walkthrough here, but if I do that, knowing my luck we'll get it for sure and then some crazy person will come stalk me. (Hmm....)

Anyway, take my word for it. It's huge. And sunny. And new(ish). And huge. And sunny. And cheap(ish). And available when we need it, instead of immediately. And huge. And sunny. And did I mention enormous? And big. And perfect.

And I've been trying not to, but I've got my heart set on it and I will be devastated if Peanut doesn't get it tonight (I'd go along but I'm going to a show with his mom).

Send good vibes our way, please!!!


  1. I wouldn't worry about places disappearing. We searched for a place for a while (at least two months) but took our time because we hadn't made a decision to actually *move*. During that time, many, MANY of the apartments that were listed or that we saw are still available. Some were open for three months. Don't panic and make the wrong decision because you fear it'll come off the market. If it wasn't meant to be, it wasn't meant to be!

    AS it turned out, our budget changed dramatically and two days later, we found the perfect place at the perfect price. IT'll happen.

    Good luck.

    ps. Sunset Park rocks.


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