Thursday, June 11, 2009

Moving Countdown: T Minus Less Than 20 Days (most likely)

Look at that! I managed to skip a day of nattering on to you guys about all my moving traumas.

Well, last night, we went out with the broker and looked at one apartment, which we were the first to see, and we applied for it. It's certainly not the nicest place we've seen (that one was gone) nor the one that made my heart go pitter-patter (that one was gone too) but it's big enough, it's cheap enough (within our original budget, even!), it's got enough windows and closets, a decent bathroom, an elevator AND laundry in the building, it's close to two grocery stores (including our favorite), close to Costco and the train, and we like the super. And we'll be paying the broker's fee, but we don't mind because this guy has done everything brokers are supposed to do and I would have felt pretty bad going with someone else at this point.

My only concern with this place is the kitchen. It has a weird old stove with a smaller than average oven (18 inches as opposed to the standard 22) but it seems like it will fit the pizza stone and all of our pans and dishes, so I will learn to deal with it.

We don't officially have it, but we were the first ones to look at it and we applied immediately, so I think our chances are good. We've asked that our lease begin on the 23rd, so we'll have a few days to measure, clean and plan, then we'll move on Saturday the 27th, giving us a few days to clean out our old apartments before the first.

Will it all go that smoothly? Probably not. But that's ok--I'm not freaking out anymore. I could happily live in this place for a year or two, at which point we'd probably be revisiting our plans to live in New York anyway. So---WHOO HOO!!

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