Wednesday, June 24, 2009

tired. sore. want a cookie.


(Actually, I don't know if that's how you spell that. But you know, what Ricky Ricardo says about Lucy all the time.)


We rescheduled this pickup-truck furniture move from Monday night to tonight due to rain. Guess what's going on outside right now? Yeah. I guess it's still happening--nothing we own would be ruined by some sprinkles and if I have to put the bed back together again I might scream. And it's probably too late to cancel the reservation now anyway (Peanut and two of his coworkers are leaving work early to get started).

So, fingers crossed, we will be sleeping in the new apartment tonight. This has been a total pain, and I wish now that we'd forked over the $600 to hire movers. I don't know if I really mean that, but my shoulders and neck have been screaming at me with tension, and I fell while moving some stuff yesterday and banged up my shin pretty badly--in addition to a nasty looking bruise, I've got a sizable goose egg, and it actually hurts to walk. And of course, I didn't really notice it until I got to work, and I'm wearing a skirt and everyone can see it.

But I figure when we have everything in the new place and are relatively settled in, I might take a massage therapist friend up on her offer of a discounted massage for my unhappy back and shoulders. It would mean spending money, but it would still be cheaper than hiring the movers! (Actually, I have no idea how much she charges, but I would guess $75 or $50 + takeout!) I've never had a massage by someone I know, so I'm not sure how weird that would be.

And lastly, I realized last night that while renting may be as justifiable an exercise as buying a place to live (and I certainly think that's the case; while I want to own real estate some day I would also be ok with being a longtime renter), the biggest problem is flexibility. I have lived in New York for 5.5 years, and this will be my fifth apartment. Each move sucks up money for security deposits (and risks prior deposits not being returned), not to mention the money spent on actually moving (movers, buying beer for friends, paying for massages if I do it myself), the new lightbulbs, copies of keys, deposits for utilities or internet, lost mail and late bills, caulk, sink strainer, toilet seat, cleaning supplies, and whatever else is needed at the new place, meals out since your food has been tossed or is at the other apartment, decorating, extra laundry. I'll do a total accounting next month but I'm not looking forward to it. And I took this apartment thinking, well, if I hate it, we can always move in a year, but No. No, we cannot. For my sanity, we need to stay in this apartment indefinitely, like maybe as long as we continue to live in New York City.

Just so I can remember to keep them straight:
Jan 04-June 06 Apt 1 (four bedrooms, innumerable roommates)
June 06-May 07 Apt 2 (three bedrooms, two roommates, drama)
May 07-Feb 08 Apt 3 (one roommate who was previously a friend, DRAMA)
Feb 08-June 09 Apt 4 (my very own place)
June 09-FOREVER Aparment 5 (love nest)


  1. Holy crap that's a lot of moving. And I guess I know people for whom that's about average, I've moved two times, ever. I hated it both times, and I didn't even participate in the first one because my mom wanted it done in ONE DAY, during school hours.

    Good luck! Actually, you should probably already be in the apartment by this time, yes? Hope so!

  2. And those are just my grown-up moves since college!

    We are in the new apartment and most of our stuff is here as well. We'll need another vehicle this weekend to finish it off.

  3. Only once as an adult have I moved where more than suitcases, cheap duffles from The Bag Man on West 34th Street, and Hefty bags were necessary.

    Find out of your massage therapist friend likes to do any styles that allow you to keep your clothes on, e.g. Shiatsu, Thai. That helps with the weirdness. I either give my sibs/mom Thai or some shirt-on back work when they give me the begging puppy look.

  4. Thanks, MMK. I've never had a through-the-clothes massage, but I think she does Shiatsu.

    Modesty is a funny thing. I used to be fairly shy about my body, but since I've been dancing with my company, I have no problem being mostly-nude in front of just about anyone. I realize that not everyone wants to see more of their friends than they would in a swimsuit, even people who deal with bodies as part of their job. I'll probably just ask her what she's most comfortable with, and go with that. I mean, I have friends who I've basically groped while helping them get costumes on, and things aren't weird between us. ;)


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