Monday, June 29, 2009



Two trips yesterday with a borrowed vehicle, and all of our belongings are now under one roof. Now we just have to unpack. Yippee!

What a relief. It feels like we've been dealing with this forever, although in reality, it's been just under two weeks since we signed the lease and got the keys, and it took just one week to move--and a month ago, I hadn't even started packing. We're hoping to have the apartment in decent enough shape to host our book club on July 9, but we'll see.

Moving everything I own by hand has left me feeling like I have waaaaaay too much stuff. I'm hoping to be pretty heavy-handed as I unpack, and take a lot of stuff to Goodwill or the Salvation Army. A lot of this stuff is stuff I'm just never going to get around to (the belly dance costume I started sewing--by hand--five years ago, for example) or it's stuff I don't want anymore (gifts from ex-boyfriends, books I'll never read again) or it's duplicates (pots and pans, books) or it's stuff I'm hanging on to out of guilt (stuff my mom gave me, clothes I'll never wear but spent too much on).

In addition to saving a lot of money by moving ourselves, I feel like it's given me more of a sense of perspective as to how much Stuff I have, and what it's doing to my life. This move would have been a lot less stressful if I hadn't hung on to a lot of this junk for so long. I just hope those feelings stick around long enough for me to get rid of it all!

And after a quick scroll through my blog aggregator, it looks like I'm not the only one who's been moving and decluttering!

Real posts about joining finances and how much this move actually cost us to come!


  1. Congratulations!!

    I love that so many people seem to be moving around, keeps me inspired to continue my forever-long decluttering streak.

    How do you deal with old photos and albums?

  2. Great question--these are sort of the bane of my existence. Rather than answer it here, though, I'm going to make a whole post about it!


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