Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Thanks for all the well wishes so far. I'm getting caught up at work and home and hope to have some proper posts soon. In the meantime, here are some things I've noticed around the blogosphere.

WiseBread has 30 uses for white vinegar. I love white vinegar! I use it on my laundry, but I’m going to try the floor cleaner recipe soon.

I loved this post on Wardrobe Oxygen, about how to look rich. Quality counts but not just in prices.

I Pick Up Pennies had a post about stupid things you don’ t need. I saw a similar article somewhere else recently, about what you could have saved if you hadn’t bought stuff you don’t even remember. I’d like to work on making every purchase important, so I don’t have stuff I don’t care about and don’t need.

I printed out the Big Book of Everything life affairs organizer and have been slowly filling it out. It's unnerving to leave quite so much information in one place, but I am leaving off account numbers and things and it's really handy to have everything in one place (like all my addresses in chronological order--it was hard to remember and now I don't have to worry about it again!). Via GetRichSlowly

Stacking Pennies' wishlist inspired me! Look for mine in an upcoming post.

My Money Blog talks about the Hawthorne Effect--that workers' productivity went up simply because they were being observed, rather than as a result of anything they tinkered with. I noticed this as well, when I first started tracking my spending. Withouth changing anything, the fact that I would have to write it down somewhere prevented me from spending money sometimes.
The Consumerist raises an issue about IKEA furniture that I thought of this weekend. I went to a bargain second-hand furniture store and was really blown away by some of the stuff I saw. Some of it was really ugly, but a lot of it was old--decades old--but still in completely usable shape. It was made out of real wood! There were actual backs on the bookshelves! Actual metal handles on drawers! I liked the feel of it so much more than the disposable furniture that comes out of IKEA. And now to know what kind of unsustainable enterprise they're running--I think I'm done with their furniture, thanks. I'll continue to pick up accents and things like that, but no more wood.
Unclutterer talks about working out at home without equipment. This is great! I've been trying to do pilates or yoga from home every day, but I really need to add in some arm training--my arms look pitiful (and no, I'm not doing 100 pushups again. I did it last summer, got bored, hurt my back and didn't see much difference. I'd rather do tricep dips with a chair.).

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