Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Mid-Year Resolution Review

I just wanted to take a second to review how I'm doing with my New Year's Resolutions since we're already half-way (!) through 2009.

1 Do yoga three times a week. I have a lot of yoga videos, and I now have room to do them in my apartment, but I haven’t gotten around to doing it on a regular basis. This one still needs work.

2 Go to bed early/get up on time and eat a healthy breakfast at home (starting two days a week). I’m actually doing better with this. I’m still eating breakfast at work mostly, but it’s often cereal or something that I bring in. If I eat at home, I still have to eat something mid-morning or I get faint, so it kind of makes sense to just eat at work. At least it’s healthier stuff than a bagel every day.

3 Cook more often and more interesting things in order to stop eating out so much. Um, kind of? I made a new recipe last night that wasn’t that great. Now that we live in one place, I’ve noticed that we’re eating at home much more frequently.

4 Handle some things with my family and finish therapy. This has been going quite well. I initially wanted to be “done” with therapy in June, but more things have been coming up so I’m still going. I made some major progress though (for example, telling my parents that Peanut and I were moving in together despite knowing they would disapprove), and that’s been great!

5 Keep GPA above 3.8. My cumulative GPA is still 3.85. My summer class ends this week, and I’m pretty sure I’ll get an A in it as well.

6 Start stepping away from the internet a little more and focus on real life, specifically at work. So-so. Some days are better than others. I’ve been a little ruthless in clearing out my blogroll of blogs I don’t find as interesting, so that helps.

7 Update this blog three times a week. I think I was doing ok until the move, and then I sort of fell off the planet. I’m going to try writing and scheduling posts ahead of time (which I did with this post!) and see if that helps keep things interesting around here!

8 Develop and stick to a new budget and stay under flex spending cap. This is going pretty well—I revised my budget in January and again this month when Peanut and I moved in together. I’ve already spent more than $5,000 for the year on health spending—Lasik surgery, doctor/dentist/therapy visits, prescriptions—so the rest of my medical spending for the year will be out of pocket. I can’t wait for 2010 when I’ll essentially get a raise by having that money back in my regular paycheck!

9 Start saving for “future” fund. I was able to start this with my new July budget, and will be putting $125 a month aside. This could be for a wedding or a house downpayment or a car or to pay off student loans in one fell swoop or a number of other things. It’s not an emergency fund (I already have one of those!) but it could also function as that if necessary. I’m really excited to have enough wiggle room in my budget to be able to save for such things!

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