Thursday, July 30, 2009

My current wishlist

As inspired by Stacking Pennies
  • New wallet
  • New bras
  • Handweights (5 pounds?)
  • Futon cover
  • Paper shredder
  • Tea Tree Oil facial cleanser and oxygenating moisturizer (I'm waiting until I use up all the stuff I have!)


  1. Huh, I want 4/6 of your list. Definitely all wants, though. Except the shredder.

  2. That Tea Tree Oil facial cleanser sounds great! What is the brand?

  3. Janie, it's the St. Ive's Clear Pore Cleanser (it has tea tree oil in it and use to be called Tea Tree Cleanser). I love this stuff! It's gotten really hard to find in the last few years--drug stores used to carry it but now I have to order it off Amazon or go to a store like Rickys, which aren't all that convenient for me.

    This stuff is worth it though!

  4. Thanks so much Little Miss Moneybags. I will look for it today!


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