Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New budget

Here it is—my new and improved budget!

Rent $688 (half of $1375)
Cell phone $74*
Renter’s insurance $10
Electric/gas $40
Internet $20
Food $250 (groceries and eating out)
Blow $20
Entertainment $20
Therapy $60 (out of pocket for the remainder of 2009)
Personal items $15
Travel home $90
Gifts $40
Sunny Vacation Fund $100
Electrolysis $125
Future $125
Clothes $60
Prescriptions $15 (out of pocket for the remainder of 2009)
Misc $40

*estimated, I haven’t received my first bill for the iPhone. If Peanut gets an iPhone too and we split it in half, I think it will drop to about $60.

I am most excited about my new budget categories: Sunny Vacation Fund, Electrolysis, Future, and Clothes. I haven’t had a clothes budget category in a while, which hasn’t really stopped me from buying any, but now I don’t have to feel guilty. :) The Future fund, as I mentioned in another post, could go for a lot of different things and I’m glad to have the wiggle room to save for something without defining it. The Electrolysis fund will cover a full round of electrolysis for my bikini line and possibly underarms—something I’ve said for years I wanted to do and have never placed enough importance on to save for. Depending on what deals I can find at October’s Spa Week, I might buy the package then and get it over with. I think both procedures will cost me about $1,200.

The Sunny Vacation Fund is really my favorite of all though. Peanut and I are each putting away $100 a month so that in about a year, we can take a great vacation together. My preference is for a beach or a cruise (hence the name of the fund!) but we might do something else entirely. I’m so excited to be actively saving for it!


  1. What renter's insurance do you use? Do you pay a lump sum annually or do you pay monthly?

  2. I have All State, and I pay them annually. I use Dave Ramsey's sinking funds concept to break it out over the course of a year.

    I really, really recommend renter's insurance.

  3. I did laser hair removal last year on under arms and bikini. It worked (for a while) on my bikini, but not at all on my underarms. I did 12 treatments on each. I have recently had some hair regrowth on the bikini area, so it will be maintenance from now on. I had a buy one area get underarms for free, but I was still disappointed. Hope electrolysis works for you!


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