Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Well, that was dumb

I have been making a lot of dumb mistakes lately. I blame it to lack of sleep and being stressed about work. Here are a few examples:

We went to Target a few weeks ago to get things for the apartment. We went to Target (a good haul away) specifically instead of the nearby discount/hardware store because I had a gift card from Peanut's mom. We picked out what we needed and got to the register. Peanut went to put the buggy away, and in the 10 seconds he was gone, I managed to put the purchase on my credit card and completely forgot to use the gift card (which I had to MOVE in my wallet to get to my credit card). Oops. So we had to make a second trip to Target specifically to use up that gift card. That was a $50 mistake, plus time wasted, although I guess we'd have spent the $50 anyway. We haven't bought anything we weren't planning on.

Credit Card
I paid my credit card bill over the weekend--this one was a doozy, since I was paying off my iPhone and plane ticket purchase (as well as the aforementioned Target purchase) and other random things. I had to update my bank account information as always (they only let you link one, and I pay for different things from different accounts--cell phone and stuff from checking, travel from savings, mystery shopping expenses from my business checking, etc). I've received confirmation by now that the payment cleared with Discover, but it wasn't showing up as being debited from my checking account. I just took a closer look, and realized that I mistyped my account number by one digit!

I called to find out what my options are, and basically I don't have any. The rep said maybe my bank would figure it out and pull the money from the correct account (ha! Yeah right) or that it would be returned and I'd get charged a $35 returned payment fee (ouch) and possibly another $35 late payment fee if it comes back after the due date on the 12th. On their end right now, it looks paid so they can't reverse it, and I can't pay more than the current balance (which is now zero) so that I'd have a credit if/when it gets returned. So this is a potentially $70 mistake. GRRR.

I'm just going to wait and see what happens, and if they charge any of these fees I will call them again and plead my case as having a dumb moment and see if they'll lower or remove them. This is the first time anything like that has ever happened.

And I'm also going to pay closer attention to numbers that I type on the number keypad--I ALWAYS mix it up with the phone keypad layout, which is exactly what caused this problem (I put a 1 where it should have been a 7).

And then I'm going to hide and try not to go shopping or do anything important until I get a full night's sleep.

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