Thursday, August 13, 2009

free magazines

Man, one thing I am loving about this recession is the magazine deals that are out there! I'm sad that some magazines are closing (Vibe is gone, Reader's Digest is barely hanging in there) but I don't buy magazine subscriptions because I don't like paying to be advertised to (this is my problem with cable TV as well). But with magazines trying to boost their rate base to keep advertisers on board, they're offering free magazine subscriptions like crazy! Right now, I'm receiving the following:
Martha Stewart Living
Time Out New York 
Body + Soul
O, the Oprah Magazine
Womens Day
I think there might be a few more that I'm forgetting. All for FREE!
My favorites are Time Out, Body + Soul, and Newsweek, although I wouldn't pay out of pocket for any of them. I just use a site like Absurdly Cool Freebie Finder to sign up and start getting my magazines.
It can be a pain to keep up with all the reading, but I usually take the magazines with me to the laundromat and read them there, then leave them behind for someone else to enjoy.


  1. I get a lot of the same magazines for free too.

    This is what I get for free:
    Martha Stewart Living
    Business Week (my husband had just signed up for a subscription, so I put his on hold)
    Womens Day
    Strategy Business
    Parents (signed up to give to my sister, but accidently signed up for 2 2 year subscriptions)
    Metropolitan Home

    I just signed up for O yesterday.

    I paid for Real Simple ($5) and Glamour ($5 for 2 years)

    I would love to get Body + Soul. I'm going to try and look for that one.

    I read the magazines at home and either give them to relatives or leave them at the gym when I'm done.

  2. I love reading magazines! Where do you get them for free? Is it a website?

  3. Martha Stewart Living is such a guilty pleasure for me. If I could find it for free, I'd be quite a happy little housewife.


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