Saturday, August 1, 2009

July Recap/August Goals

July Recap
1. Unpack and make it feel like home! We're unpacked! And it's definitely starting to feel like home.

2. Keep an eye out for that security deposit. I did not get my security deposit back. I have written a letter to my former landlord, the next step is a certified nasty-gram and then calling in the Attorney General's office.

3. Transfer $$$ back into my savings account and reconcile all the moving costs. All moving costs are accounted for!

4. Open a joint checking account with Peanut for shared expenses. Done!

5. Restructure my budget to plan for more retirement savings and, my favorite, our Sunny Beach Vacation Fund. Done! New budget posted here.

August Goals
1. Get my security deposit back. Keep on keepin' on, as they say. (Who actually says that?)

2. Bring down the food budget. I did eat out quite a bit on my unexpected trip, but still. If Peanut spent even half as much as I did, that's almost $800 between us, which is nonsense.

3. Do yoga or pilates six days a week. I've got five days down this week, so I'm off to a good start. Peanut is a great nag. (I asked him to remind me that I wanted to do it every day and so far he's coerced me as requested every time).

4. Book a rental car for my planned trip. I'm heading to my alma mater to speak in a month and need to get a good deal on a rental car. Priceline, baby!

5. Have another "use stuff up" time. I've collected lots of samples and almost-finished bottles of personal care products (plus combining all my stuff from my apartment and Peanut's). It will probably take more than a month, but I want to go through and use it up before buying more.

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