Saturday, August 1, 2009

July Spending

Misc Income: 394.54
(A focus group, mystery shop reimbursement, sale of a costume on eBay and survey income).

$360 earmarked for travel, gifts, Lasik, sunny beach vacation, electrolysis and the future in general--that's a $215 increase in savings!!!
$147.70 into retirement (company matches that)

Cell phone $63.16 (discounted this month because of the way the fee for upgrading worked--normally it'll be about $75)
Clothes $71.77
Dance Expenses $23.88 (expenses related to a photoshoot)
Entertainment $84.25 (expensive month! mostly related to seeing a dance competition)
Food—dining out $273.35
Food—groceries $211.50 (Hmm. Food spending overall is creeping up a bit)
Gifts $124.73
Household $59.21 (we had to stock up on paper towels, toilet paper, etc, and also checks for our new joint checking account)
Internet $17.47
Laundry $7
Moving $20 (I think that's the last of it--we took some friends out for helping us move)
Mystery shop expenses $53.30
Rent $687.50 (W00T!)
School $181 (fall semester charges)
Stupid tax $2 (ATM fee -- there was also a $35 credit card fee for typing my account number wrong while paying, but I called and they reversed it)
Therapy $75
Travel $472.20 (last minute plane trip for family emergency)
Utilities $0 -- we haven't been charged yet

Total spending: $2,427.32

Under budget, since the flight came out of the emergency fund (that's what it's there for!).

Networth IQ updated as well (see sidebar). My retirement accounts went up more than $1000!


  1. Who do you mystery shop for? I've been thinking about getting into mystery shopping, but would love some advice on a good, reputable company to work for.

  2. I work for a number of different companies (about twenty right now, I think). Some of them tend to be quite local so it's hard to give specific recommendations. You can check out my posts on mystery shopping: A Field Guide, Getting Started, Finding Shops, Completing the Shop and Getting Paid for a start, and also look at the mystery shopping forums over at for great information on specific companies to work for and avoid, tax requirements, networking and job postings.

    Good luck!


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