Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I finally have to let it out.
I got promoted!
It's a big promotion and comes with a $10,000 raise, with room for another raise later in the first year. Along with that raise comes a lot more and different responsibility, but I'm really excited about all of it.
I've mentally divided up most of the raise already--first things first, I max out a Roth IRA, then I funnel most of the difference into future savings. And maybe put a little bit more into the monthly clothing budget, because I feel like I might need to step it up a little to play with the big kids. I might also get a real, official gym membership (August is the month of all the deals, right?) but we'll see how that works out. I don't want to inflate my lifestyle too much!
It will be very challenging to start a new job at the same time as the first semester of my final year of grad school, but I think I'll manage. It's a little bittersweet--I have really liked the job I've held for the last three years--but it's time to move on and I'm totally ready for the challenges.


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