Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Combined update/linkfest

I've been staying late at work every night this week--whoa. Changing jobs is hard! I promised Peanut this isn't a permanent change but might last a few weeks--he's been so wonderful having dinner on the table when I get home, and he's made some really delicious stuff!

Tonight when I got home, my Burn the Floor tickets were waiting for me. Whoo hoo! And again I say, WHOO HOOO!

I recently discovered Daily Lit, which is too bad. They send you books a chapter a day via RSS or email! I'm sorry for ruining your productivity but I think that's so awesome.

Two posts that I'm bookmarking and reading very closely: Great Ways to Improve Your Physical Workspace and Three Great and Cheap Office Upgrades. I never really did anything with the office I lived in for the last three years--no art or anything. I didn't change things that I never really liked. I just sort of moved in and kept things the way they were, and I don't want to do that this time.

Not only that, but my new office is substantially smaller than my old office (like, one-third the size) but it has a window and a door so I'm not complaining. So I really want to maximize the space and make it my own.

How to minimize eclutter--lots of good points in there.

Speaking of clutter, yesterday I was putting away laundry and complaining that I need more hangers, and Peanut responded "Or less clothes!" Touché. So I'm going to try to do a closet purge this weekend. I've been slowly but steadily upgrading my wardrobe in a pretty serious way the last year so there's probably a lot of stuff I can get rid of.

And now it's off to do dishes and a bit of yoga before bed.


  1. Make sure to donate your clothes and not to throw them out. My BF used to throw his clothes away whenever he did his closet purge and I seriously shed a tear when I found out. So many New Yorkers (not to mention, people around the world) are in need of clothes. So just throwin that out there...

  2. Oh, definitely. There's a donation bin near my laundromat, but I think it's connected to the shady companies that sell donated clothing at exorbitant prices in third world countries. So I started taking stuff to Goodwill. I've also donated stuff to Dress for Success and similar programs.

    The only clothes I actually throw away are undergarments.


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