Saturday, September 19, 2009



This is the sound I was making earlier this morning when I found out that I won FB's Burn the Floor ticket giveaway. I have so been wanting to see this, one of my best friends is a professional ballroom dancer and one of his dance partners is on Dance Your Ass Off, and he introduced me to some of the dancers from Dancing With the Stars and in general I love dancing of all types and I so wanted to see Burn the Floor but it just wasn't in the budget for a while.

But I won the giveaway, so I'll be going. And I'm beyond excited.

And it pretty much made up for the fact that our internet broke this morning, and our water shut off right as I was getting in the shower (which introduced a hilarious moment when Peanut reset our router and the toilet flushed on its own). I no longer care that I'm stinky because WHOO HOOOOO BROADWAY HERE I COME!!!!


  1. Congratulations again

    I am so happy you're so excited for these tickets!

    I have never had such an enthusiastic winner. Makes me all warm and fuzzy inside... *HUG*

    Well deserved, I say.

  2. Now that's a pretty funny lesson in karma balancing itself out :D

  3. lol....awesome! I hate it when people win tickets on the radio and are like "oh, I won? Cool." I'd much rather have someone yell or hyperventilate. (Ok, maybe not actually hyperventilate or pass out). Glad your day got better!!

  4. I just got the link to your blog from Well Heeled and Everything and I am hooked! You're a great writer and refreshing to read. I'll certainly be coming back!


  5. Welcome, Rachelle!

    I'm still bouncy and excited about these tickets!


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