Monday, September 28, 2009

LinkFest Roundup

Some of these are old!
How to make great packed lunches for work at Dumb Little Man. I love taking lunch to work. It's expensive to eat out every day where I work (think $7 salads as the cheapest option). Peanut and I try to plan our lunches for the week on Sunday. We buy stuff at Costco (turkey, cheese, carrots, granola bars, string cheese, trail mix) and get the rest at the grocery store. Sometimes we plan to take leftovers every day. Really though, I almost can't get sick of a turkey and swiss sandwich with a pickle, salt and vinegar chips, baby carrots and a pear.
Optimize what Gmail has to offer, also at Dumb Little Man. I make extensive use of filters and labels in Gmail, but I haven't done many of the other things suggested here. I plan to do the multiple inbox thing in the near future. Do you do anything cool with Gmail?
Practical uses for a digital camera. These are GREAT. Some of them I've done (taking photos and videos when looking at apartments) and some of them I hadn't even thought of (take photos of your luggage while traveling so you can help prove it's yours). Somewhere else I heard a suggestion of using your cameraphone to take a photo of the ID number when you get in a cab, in case you leave something behind. I rarely carry a digital camera with me but I'll be on the lookout for ideas like this from now on.
How to make a Roth IRA conversion. I've been thinking for a while about whether this would be worth it for me. I need to crunch some numbers, but I think it would, plus it would cut the number of accounts I have which would make things easier on me. When I have a spare minute to think about this some more, I'll let you know.
An exercise for the person who loves to do too much. This two part series was really interesting and gave me a lot of food for thought. For example, some of the people I would be are:
1. a professional dancer (full time, performing, teaching, etc)
2. a stay at home mom
3. an arts and culture afficionado, going to museums and performances every night of the week. Maybe a reviewer.
4. a bookseller, with my own funky shop.
5. a perpetual student
I seem to have a pretty good balance right now of when or whether I can be any of these people, since what I want most right now is what I have--but it's great food for thought for if that's not your situation.

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  1. Salt and vinegar chips! I knew I forgot something good at the grocery store!


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