Tuesday, September 15, 2009

mini linkfest

First of all WHOO HOOOOOOO! The New York Public Library extended hours at some of their locations until ELEVEN AT NIGHT! This is absolutely awesome. Previously, the most convenient branch to me was open until 9 p.m. one night a week and the rest of the week closed before I got off work. This is great!
See the list here.
Sadly, this comes at the same time as news that the Philadelphia Library System will be closing ALL of their branches due to a state budget deadlock. I hope they are able to avoid it!
Via Consumerist, Visual Economics details five ways to protect your personal identifying information. Also on Consumerist, seven free sites to track your personal information online. One that they leave out is Google--you should Google your name and common usernames once a month or so to see what's out there. You might be surprised!
Sort of related to that, I found out last weekend that I am likely related to a girl who has my exact name and who pops up first in many Google searches. I figured we were probably distantly related, but I mentioned it to my grandfather and he asked where she lived, and then said, "Oh, yeah! Our people come from there!" So we're probably not all that distantly related; we might be as close as third cousins. I am planning to email her and be like, Oh, hey, we've got the same name, and my grandpa has relatives in your town--any chance you're so-and-so's granddaughter?
It'd be weird but kind of cool for me to get a similar email.

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  1. I can't imagine living in a city without a public library--I feel terrible for Philadelphians right now!


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