Wednesday, September 30, 2009

September Spending

Misc Income: $472.70
Refunds for the spa mystery shop.

General savings $495 (electrolysis, the future fund, the sunny beach vacation fund, etc)
Cell phone $77.70
Clothes $106.09
Entertainment $18.26
Food—dining out $119.99
Food—groceries $166.70
Gifts $19.99
Household $13.20
Laundry $6.00
Mystery shop expenses $54.90 (clothing shops--clearly, it's hard for me to quit this thing cold trkey)
Personal $25.91 (toothpaste, feminine needs)
Rent $687.50
Therapy $30
Utilities $29.77

Total spending: $1,265.01

New debt acquired: $3,750 My loan disbursement for my next-to-last semester of grad school.

Networth IQ updated as well (see sidebar). Another nice month, considering the loan disbursement--my retirement funds went up by another $1,200! Peanut and I also managed to do pretty well with our general spending and spent more on groceries than eating out, which is a positive adjustment.

The keeping of multiple spreadsheets is still making my head spin and I feel like things are falling through the cracks in terms of my reporting them here. But all the accounts are always balanced, so that's great.

And as I'm doing this, Peanut is setting up his first Roth IRA. I'm so proud!

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