Monday, September 28, 2009

Ta Dah!

Checking in on last week's to do list:

-Monday: school
-Weekend: dinner/coffee with friend from out of town

-Library (return and pick up books)
-Bed, Bath & Beyond (wedding gift)
-Discount makeup store (need more concealer)
I ended up buying concealer from the drug store at full price. Saving $3 wasn't worth 45 minutes of my time.

At home
-Begin reading Gone with the Wind (book club selection)
-Begin reading A Fortunate Age (book club selection)
-Begin reading Rapture (book club selection)
-Begin reading The Island at the Center of the World (borrowed from a friend)
-Look at sewing machine and see what needs to be done to get it working
-Organize book shelves (maybe...)
-Yoga/pilates every day Not quite, but mostly good.

-Homework (reading and some online work)
-Check on registration date for Spring 2010 classes and graduation status

-Weekend: Go in to unpack and set up new office
-Clear off pile of work stuff off dining table (recycle, bring back to work, read)
-Wrap things up at the last week of the job I've loved for almost three years. Very bittersweet.

Peanut and I picked up a bookshelf and an iron for dirt cheap from a neighbor who was cleaning out his apartment after subletters had lived there for years. We organized all of our books and they look great. I feel much more at home now.

I also cleaned out my closet and took a bag of stuff to Goodwill. AND I went to the office on the weekend and cleaned out my new office, my old office, and the office of the person who had this job before I did. Note to self and everyone else--don't keep personal stuff at work. It's not safe (unless you can lock your office, and even then, SOMEONE ELSE has a key), you might forget stuff when you leave, and it's a giant pain to put onto someone else. I took home with me any scrap of paper that I would not be comfortable with someone else handling. I suggest you do likewise.

In addition, I've been decluttering bookmarks and will be posting a lengthy LinkFest sometime soon, which goes back embarassingly far. Also, to come--this week's to do list.

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