Monday, September 14, 2009


I'm back from another whirlwind trip to visit family. Next time, I'm taking a full week; it does me no good to try to squeeze everything into a few days and come home exhausted.
I spoke to undergraduate students from my department in college, and even ended up teaching two classes! That was a lot of fun, and I think in a few years, when I have a little more experience under my belt, I will probably teach as an adjunct from the school where I'm getting my graduate degree. I really like public speaking, and I have to admit I enjoyed being something of a celebrity for a few days. I'm in it day after day so it can be easy to forget that I'm living in New York City, and my job is really very cool and something that a lot of people probably romanticize quite a bit. It was nice to be reminded not to take it for granted.
I came home to a wedding invitation for a friend, which I'm very excited about. I've been looking forward to her wedding since she got engaged last year. She's the younger sister of an ex-boyfriend, but she and I have stayed good friends. It might be a bit weird if my ex and his girlfriend are there, but not if I can help it. I'll have to rent a car and stay overnight (hopefully only one night) for the wedding, as well as buying a gift. I looked into taking a train, but there aren't any that go near where she lives. It'll be faster and cheaper if I just rent a car for two days and do the driving myself.
I'm catching up at work--my last two weeks at this job have officially started. Eek!
Side note: I just saw this article about a woman who's making a public decision to walk away from her debt after Bank of America refused to lower her interest rate below 30%. I'm typically a really big proponent of dealing with the repercussions of your actions and taking responsibility for what you owe, but her situation is very interesting and I sort of applaud her taking a stand against a giant corporation that refuses to deal with people on an individual basis. What do you think?

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  1. I can see how she thinks this is something awesome, I too have had my interest rate increased to 27% after having been a great customer to them for 7 years. However, I also agree with the commenters that she really isn't gaining anything by doing this since, as soon as she gets a job, he paychecks will be garnished for the amount she owes (Perhaps she is planning on declaring bankruptcy?)

    Who knows... I mean, we all would pretty much like to walk away from our credit card debt... wouldn't we?


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