Thursday, October 22, 2009

How much would I spend?

Inspired by similar posts by Krystal and FB, here's what I'm comfortable spending:
  • Purse: $50
  • Wallet: $15
  • Winter jacket: $150
  • A pair of knee-high boots: $200 (but see my caveat below)
  • A casual but not formal dress: $80
  • Formal dress: $150
  • Pants (inc. jeans): $75
  • Computer: $2,500
  • Phone: $250
Weird. This was very eye-opening.

I just went boot shopping and I had given myself a budget of $200 to spend on some quality knee high boots that will last me for a long time. But I only spent $60--granted, that was at DSW, so I'll give you that maybe the boots are technically valued at $80 or even $100. But still--did I cheap out? Am I going to have to replace these boots in a year or two, and should I have spent twice as much for something that will last much longer?

I can't tell. I don't think I've ever had anything as expensive as what I list above. I have a pair of $60 boots that I've had for six or seven years, and I'm hoping that this pair of boots will have a similar life.

My winter coat cost me $100. I've had it for almost two years and I don't like it anymore (I'm not sure I ever did like it, but I was reeling from a breakup and had no coat when I bought it so who knows what the hell I was thinking then). But it's still in practically mint condition, so I won't replace it.

My wallet cost me like $10 from TJ Maxx and I've had it for years--at least three or four. I've had to glue the strap back on a few times. Would a more expensive wallet last longer? Maybe. But I'm really picky about wallets and I happen to like this one. I'll keep gluing it back together until there's no hope for it.

What about formal dresses? First of all, the only formal dress I'm likely to own will be a wedding dress, if I even end up having one (and I'd rather not. The dress, that is). Hundreds of dollars on a dress I'll wear once? I just can't do it. This upsets my mother, but it's the way I feel. The highest I could see is $150 and even that would be difficult.

As for the other things--I get all the arguments about quality over quantity--I do. But I'd rather have six or eight $10 bags in my closet than one $100 bag. I want to switch things up. I want eight pairs of Payless heels under my desk, so I'm not stuck wearing the same old shoes day in and day out. And frankly, even if I don't like my $100 winter coat, it keeps me warm, and that's really the point, isn't it?


  1. This was really interesting! I might have to do a similar post. In one of my high school English classes my teacher used to ask us how much we would pay for a certain object. If we said $5, he'd say, "what about $5.25?" and go on and on until we finally drew a line. It was always interesting to see where that line fell and why.

    I'm with you on the $10 bags versus the $100 bag, and the Payless heels. Personally, I have two pairs of Predictions heels from Payless that I absolutely ADORE! I've had them for 4 or 5 years now and not only are they still in fantastic condition, but they're the most comfortable heels I've ever worn.

  2. Preach it! I have over 10 bags that are on average about $20(one that costs $150). I have three pairs of shoes under my desk, technically two because really, I don't need anything else besides a black heel and a brown heel. (Both from Aldos, on sale, $35)

    That said, I really thought about the most I would pair for those things which is why I put $200 there. But I don't know if I would ever actually pay that much...not when I love a good sale.

  3. YES! I feel the same way and don't feel so weird anymore after reading Krystal and FB's post, lol. The only thing I'd pay a little more for is a wallet....but not much more.

    About payless though, it totally depends on the shoe. My top 3 pair of shoes ever were from Payless and I wore the CRAP out of them. Total prices I paid: $7 (wore them for at least 1 year, and very often, at that), and $10 for each of the other two (wore them for much more than 1 year, maybe 2). To get that same cost per year for a $100 pair of shoes....well, I'd be sick and tired of them before they started to wear, and I just hate getting rid of good stuff.

    On the other hand, one some pairs, if I had just spent $10 more I could've maybe had a bit more comfort, or durability.

  4. LOL @ QL Girl: Yeah.. Krystal and I are enablers.

    As for comfortable shoes and whatnot, don't get me wrong.. I still go to Payless and other places to check out the footwear, but I am pickier now

    I want it all in leather, it has to be comfy and I want it to be cute

    Somehow, I find that paying $50 more for a shoe, will get you all that.

    With that being said, I have some cute shoes from Payless too. And Aldo.

    Thanks for the link back!

  5. This was an interesting questionnaire! I am fairly cheap myself and wouldn't spend much on those things.

    When it comes to clothing and accessories, I usually buy cheap a few times instead of buying expensive once, because I normally get sick of the item fairly quickly.

    Although for something like a computer, which I use everyday for work and personal use, I would probably pay a bit more because it needs to be reliable and stable.

  6. Truthfully, sometimes I think the qulity-vs-quantity debate gets a little silly. My dad has some jeans that he bought before I was in high school, and they're still in one piece and they still fit. But the cut is so hopelessly outdated that he looks like a big dork whenever he wears them! In a perfect world we wouldn't care about that, but people do notice & judge you based on your clothes!


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