Thursday, October 29, 2009

My 25 Frugal Things and 4 Spendthrift things

As promised, inspired by WiseBread.

My Frugal Things
  1. I quit smoking.
  2. I use drugstore cosmetics and toiletries and even get most of those at a discount cosmetics store. No fancy stuff for me!
  3. I shop for clothes on sale and using coupons.
  4. I drink free coffee and tea at work.
  5. I bring my lunch to work.
  6. I dye my hair at home, and get my hair dye from a discount store (<$3 per box).
  7. I get books from work, the library or Paperbackswap.
  8. I do my own manicures and pedicures.
  9. I walk or take the subway. My subway pass is a pre-tax perk option through my job.
  10. Shop at Costco for bulk items, but only those we'll actually use.
  11. Don't have cable or a home phone.
  12. I stay with friends and family when traveling whenever possible.
  13. I'm not an early adopter.
  14. I don't have a pet. Right now.
  15. Most of my furniture came used. From the street: kitchen table and chairs, bookshelves, over-the-toilet stand, desk. Bought cheap or got free from Craigslist or friends: kitchen cart, TV trays, bookshelves, entry way table, filing cabinet, couch, dresser, nightstand, bed, rug, plastic storage bins.
  16. We cook almost every meal at home, and they're almost all really cheap meals.
  17. We don't go out a lot in general--concerts, shows, movies, nights at the pub or whatever are all special occasions.
  18. I don't go crazy on gift-giving.
  19. Peanut doesn't drink at all, and I drink sparingly.
  20. I turned my hobby into a self-supporting business.
  21. We watch TV online.
  22. I got most of my jewelry from
  23. I track my spending--every single dollar. I've been doing this for five years now.
  24. We're inviting people over more instead of agreeing to go out somewhere.
  25. I pick up change off the street.
Spendthrift things
  1. I buy clothes new. Even using sales and coupons, I know this is a no-no to the ultra frugalites. Oh, well.
  2. I travel home to visit my family kind of often. Like, four times already this year. Granted, that's a bit more than usual, but I still usually go at least twice. And I rent cars. What can I say, I love my family but I need my independence for our sanity.
  3. I have an iPhone, and am essentially paying for double internet connectivity at all times (I have constant access at work and home, and I'm almost always one place or the other--do I really need it on my phone, too? Yes. Yes, I do.)
  4. We live in New York City.

What are yours?


  1. OH my GOODNESS. I had never heard of that site for getting jewelry, and I just spent half an hour ordering jewelry for the girls in my wedding this spring. Thank you thank you thank you! If it's half as pretty as it all is in the pictures, I'll be thrilled. :-) Great tip!

  2. I would LOVE to no longer have a home phone! Sadly I have to have it with my broadband package. Dammit NZ, catch up with the rest of the world already!


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