Saturday, October 31, 2009

October Recap/November Goals

October Goals
1. Set aside some financial research time. I did this! I rebalanced my 401(k) and set up automatic rebalancing for the future. I also did some research and it IS worth it for me to convert my rollover traditional IRA into Roth IRA, and I will consolidate that with my current Roth IRA. That will give me about $3,000 in 2009 contributions and cost me $600 out of pocket in taxes. I just need to call Fidelity and Vanguard on Monday and figure out how to actually accomplish this. I still need to fill out the Will & Trust Kit and the Big Book of Everything but I intend to get to that today.

2. Build a new budget. Done! I upped one savings fund by $30 a month, set aside $416 a month for contribution to a Roth, and increased my clothing budget to $100 a month. I didn’t do anything about a gym membership yet.

3. Start looking for holiday travel deals. I’ve made my plans and am now just watching for deals. Flight prices jumped $100 in the last week! I’m going to keep watching but buy within the next week.

4. Keep being super-productive at work, but cut back my hours. Sort of…I’ve been staying till seven most nights, but my boss told me to take it easier and stop trying to get it all done right at the start.

5. Set and stay within budget for the wedding weekend. Done. My friend was so beautiful and her son is adorable and her husband is great. I didn’t spend all that much money—rental car was less than $100 and I spent around $30 on gas. The bachelorette party was my next biggest expense--$40 at The Melting Pot.

6. Make some budget Halloween costumes! We gave up. I’ve just been too busy to make costumes. We might pull something together out of our closets and hand out candy, or just boycott the holiday entirely today. I’m pooped!

November Goals
1. Complete IRA conversion and set up automatic payments to max it out for 2009. I’m pretty sure I can do this all online, but I’m unclear about one step, so I’ll call next week and get it taken care of.

2. Stick to my budget! No more clothing binges.

3. Buy Christmas gifts! I’ve scheduled some days off during the week so that I can get my Christmas shopping done when it’s not totally crazy out with everyone else. I’d like to get it all done by December 1, but I think that’s a little unrealistic.

4. Handle 2010 health care contributions and flex spending. The deadline is 11/13, so I don’t really have a choice, but I’ll put it on here as a goal.

5. Spend some money on the apartment. Painting, art, whatever. I’d just like to get it done in November.


  1. Sounds like good goals! We do our Christmas shopping all in one day, split up by drinks... :) Also, I think you provided a link once, but what/where is the Big Book of Everything? I can't find it... thanks :)

  2. I like your Christmas shopping plan!

    Unfortunately, the Big Book of Everything is no longer available online--the author pulled it down after some (unjustified, in my opinion) copyright infringement claims. I believe if you contact the author directly, he might share the PDF.


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