Sunday, October 18, 2009

Odds and Ends

I made the list at Her Every Cent Counts! That's the Top 100 Female Personal Finance Bloggers list, that is--and I'm in some great company! I just went through and added all the blogs to my RSS feed that I wasn't already following, and I'm looking forward to some interesting and thought-provoking posts!

As for me, here's what my week has been like:

My harassing ex-boyfriend called me this week and left a message. That was way more intimidating than an email, so I backed up the threat my father and I made, and went to court to get a restraining order.

It was granted, and I was expecting to have to pay to have it served, but I discovered that in New York, police officers will serve papers for free. Yesterday, I got notice that he'd been served, so I picked up my affidavit and now if he contacts me again, he'll be arrested. We have to go to court in December, I guess to determine whether to make the order permanent, and hopefully that will be the end of that.

It's been pretty stressful and has cost me a lot of sleep but hopefully it's over now. I don't think he's the type to get violent over this, but I guess I'll find out.

Second, yesterday I was kind of robbed. I went shopping before we met up with a friend for dinner, and I got some stuff at NY&Co (on sale plus a coupon, because that's how I roll) and then I went to DSW. While I was trying on shoes, someone walked off with my NY&Co bag, and I didn't notice for about five minutes. After I realized it, I talked  to the manager and after about fifteen minutes of everyone calling around on their headsets but finding nothing, I wrote it off in my mind, left my phone number with the manager and went to pay for my shoes. I stopped back by the manager's desk on my way out, and lo and behold, they'd found my bag! I'd been able to describe exactly what was in it, and I guess the person carrying it hadn't. I kind of wish I'd got to confront them, but whatever. At least I got my stuff back. Lesson learned: Don't go shopping on a Saturday night, don't go to more than one store, or don't put my stuff down ever while trying on shoes.

Today Peanut and I spent a lot of money at Costco and the grocery store and we did a menu plan for the week and I feel pretty good about getting through this coming week with my sanity all in tact.

I also decided not to drop the class. I missed the deadline, so it would affect my GPA and I can't imagine what kind of nonsense it would cause to my loan situation. I also decided to pay out of pocket for my thesis seminars instead of taking out more loans, so my final loan tally will remain right where it is, just under $20,000.

And now it's time to finish homework, wash my hair, and clean the kitchen.


  1. I'm so sorry that you have to deal with such a creepy ex-boyfriend! I'm really glad you went and got a restraining order. That was the smart thing to do. I hope that's the end of it now and that he will just leave you alone!

  2. That's so scary about your ex-bf! I hope he goes away soon. Why don't crazy guys get it! Hopefully he gets a clue now that you have a RO. Good luck with it! :)

  3. Oh my goodness. I hope all goes well with that situation. I can't imagine what you are going through, but I hope after December it will be all over. Have you considered changing your phone number? I know that blocking his might not work since he can probably call you via other numbrs.

    I love NY&Co. I also do not go shopping there unless I have a coupon. I can't believe that happened. But given that it's NYC, maybe it shouldn't be so surprising. Is there another one in the city besides the one on Fulton Street in downtown Manhattan?

  4. Eeek, thankfully December isn't too far away. Hope that sorts him out once and for all!

    Ooh, I'm always SO paranoid about keeping my stuff within eyesight when I'm out in public. Lucky that someone picked it up and handed it in :)

  5. That's a scary week. So sorry you had to deal with that.


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