Wednesday, October 21, 2009

steps to freedom

Today I closed the second checking account I opened to deal with mystery shopping and dance job payments. I haven't had any transactions on it for several months, and the few outstanding shop payments I am owed will be paid through Paypal. So on my lunch break I went and collected the $20 that was in there and closed out the account. One less column in my spreadsheet, one less statement in the mail each month, and one less thing to keep track of!

It renewed my desire to consolidate my retirement accounts, along with the fact that the company where my rollover IRA lives sent me another credit card offer over the weekend. I've been trying to get them to quit sending me these things, but that was sort of the last straw. I called the number to apply and opted out, but this coming weekend I'm going to find out how to transfer that rollover IRA into my Roth IRA and what the tax repercussions of that will be. That would be another account gone, one more statement I'm not getting in the mail.

I'm very much in a reduce-reuse-recycle mode right now.

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  1. I need to close an account that keeps giving me monthly fees! It's like 10 bucks just to have the savings/checking accounts open. So that's a no-brainer to go and close it off, except I still have a credit card I need to fully pay off attached to those accounts. I'm hoping I can close the savings/checking and just keep making payments to widdle down the credit card, then close that as well.


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