Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Woo hoo!

I'm in the running for the $25 TJ Maxx/$25 Marshalls cards that WellHeeled is giving away. I hope I win!
Vote on my bag here!
Counting My Pennies has me totally shamed: she's already finished her Christmas shopping. Not only have I not started, I haven't even started THINKING about it, and only the other day realized that I'm going to have to figure out my travel plans pretty quickly. Which I promptly failed to do.
Every year I get stressed over Christmas shopping--I think maybe this is the year to take a major break from it and give my family and friends something other than consumable goods. Or maybe to go back to actual consumable goods, and do homemade, edible treats. Or something.


  1. I always get stressed over Christmas shpping as well, but not this year! I have been saving since January and have been buying gifts here and there, whenever I find things on sale that I think mu friends and family would like. I only have a few more purchases to make and then I am done. :)

  2. I haven't started either! Isn't Christams 8 weeks away?? ARRGGHH!! I voted for you though! Hope you win!:)

  3. We save our money (duh) and do all our shopping in one day... usually in early December. We live in a small, touristy town and only spend local for holiday shopping. We get up early, shop for a while, have a long lunch including booze, then finish our shopping that afternoon. It's been a fun little tradition and takes the stress out of shopping for weeks and weeks...

  4. I've bought some things here and there, and then one day a week or so ago I was inspired to do the rest of my Christmas shopping online...so, I'm done, too! It's a relief.



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