Friday, November 27, 2009

gobble gobble

Peanut and I did not participate in Black Friday, but we didn't exactly have a Buy Nothing Day either. We went to the grocery store and also a thrift store, where we picked up a like-new angel food tube pan for $4, which is in the oven baking some lemon poppyseed cake at this very minute.

Yesterday we went to the Macy's parade again, which was fun. We didn't make a big meal or anything--I already had Thanksgiving dinner and Peanut's not crazy about the traditional Thanksgiving foods, so we ended up having grilled cheese and tomato soup. I've been enjoying a loooong weekend with really no hard and fast plans at all.

Seth Godin says it best. This should be the best holiday of all--no gifts, just celebrating food and friends and family.

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  1. That sounds like a wonderful Thanksgiving. I did do Black Friday at Queens Center Mall. It was very scary and an experience I plan on never participating in again.


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