Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I had Thanksgiving dinner over the weekend. Not just a dry run, but my actual Thanksgiving dinner for the year. Some friends host a Thanksgiving For Friends (AKA People You Actually Want to Eat With) a week or two before Thanksgiving every year, and I attended for the first time.

It was lovely—much wine was drunk, much food was eaten. There were place cards and actual paced courses and matching dishes and utensils. We managed to fit fourteen people into a New York City apartment living room for dinner, which was amazing to me.

It left me thinking about things that I want to do. Peanut has been wanting to make our place a place where people can come and hang out. I feel like, Oh, our place isn’t good enough. It’s too small, too dark, too dirty, too juvenile, whatever. I see the cracks in the kitchen linoleum and the doors that don’t close right, things that we can’t control because we’re renting and things haven’t been remodeled in a long time.

But you know, it doesn’t matter. That’s not what Thanksgiving was about. It was about everyone bringing something to share, and us eating until we couldn’t move. It was about getting to know people and having a good time. And I think those are things that we can do now, regardless of how “not ready” we are.

Now we just need to go make some friends who will come to Queens. :p


  1. My best friend and I have been celebrating Thanxmas for several years now--we combine Christmas and Thanksgiving into one celebration either the weekend before or immediately following Thanksgiving and decorate for Christmas, prepare a Thanksgiving meal, drink, play games, and exchange Secret Santa gifts. It is my favorite holiday because it is with a group of good friends (but we always invite new people too) who are all focused on fun instead of family drama. It's fantastic. I think more holidays should be like that :-)

  2. I often feel the same way about inviting people over. We're currently renting a walkout basement apartment with awful wood paneling in the living room, and I find myself ashamed of it sometimes. But that's silly--my friends won't stop being my friends just because they have to look at wood paneling while they're over!

    Glad your Thanksgiving went well. It sounded lovely.

  3. Didn't you say you lived in Astoria? That is just one stop on a lot of trains/LIRR! It is a lot closer to the city than people think. I'm sure people will have no problem coming over. My BF and I are looking at moving into Astoria for precisely that reason. However, our family lives much closer to Forest Hills so we may go there too.

    Anyways, you hit it on the nail with ambiance. Have a party and people will have a great time. Then you'll be begging them to leave your apartment.


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