Wednesday, November 11, 2009

How cool are these photos? I would love to rent an arch.

Yikes! QuarterLife Finance's thumb drive just died...and she didn't back it up. Makes me nervous and I think I'm going to back mine up tonight.

Ouch, Frugal Zeitgeist details the upcoming expenses she's expecting. I don't know how much of a gift we're going to give to our super, but it won't be $400 (of course, we've only got the one guy). I was thinking of getting a gift card from one of our rewards banks, so it would be free. But Peanut says that makes me cheap. And he might be right.


  1. But if the gift card is a generic Visa/Mastercard/AMEX or for somewhere he likes to shop, is that really so terrible? I gave my friends a Visa GC for their wedding gift because I was worried about cash flow, they were pretty happy with it. Then again, they are my friends to begin with ...

  2. The thought of losing my money file is a terrible one. I send it to 2 different email addresses every time I want to work on it at home!

    I don't think giving a free gift card is cheap. Your super won't know the difference (it's the same as ay other gift card), and you could have had that money for yourself if you didn't give it to him. So tell Peanut I said you win.


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