Wednesday, November 11, 2009

late bills

I really hate the way our utility company handles their billing and payment.
For one thing, they've spelled my name wrong for years. There are two ways to spell my name, and they've got it the wrong way--but it's also got letters reversed. It's not even a real name. I've tried to get it corrected, but to no avail.
Second, their bills say DUE IMMEDIATELY but when you go to pay online, it automatically gives you a "transaction date" three weeks in the future. Um....?
And third, and most importantly, Peanut and I definitely paid this bill last month. Definitely, definitely--it was in our spreadsheet, and I only enter stuff like that after I've done my part. But they didn't debit the account, and so this month's bill includes last month's total as well. You can't set up automatic billing but you can have your routing and account number saved on their site. So it's not like we typed in the routing number wrong or something.
Anyway, we don't seem to be charged any late fees, but I took a screenshot after making the payment last night and will be paying close attention this month.
Also, over the weekend the boiler in our apartment building went crazy and the heat didn't shut off for several hours. Radiators all over the building popped, including ours, and we have water damage in our bedroom ceiling. Luckily Peanut and I took some time off work this week already since a friend of his will be in town, but now we are trying to make sure that the plumber actually shows up and fixes everything.
What was kind of scary is that the radiator that popped and was spraying water is the one right next to the computers. Luckily nothing was damaged, but yikes, that could have been bad.
I'm tired of being a grown up this week.


  1. I agree with the "I'm tired of being a grown up" sentiment. Sometimes it is just too hard!

  2. Me too. For me it's issues with re-registering my car. Getting tired of being a grown up is pretty much the only time I long for high school.

  3. What a week!! Oh, and my electric company has my name wrong, too. Can't be bothered trying to get them to fix it. Doesn't really make a difference (well, far as I know..)


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