Sunday, November 29, 2009

November Recap/December Goals

November Goals
1. Complete IRA conversion and set up automatic payments to max it out for 2009. Um, no. I did not do this.

2. Stick to my budget! I did okay on this...

3. Buy Christmas gifts! Not even started.

4. Handle 2010 health care contributions and flex spending. Done!

5. Spend some money on the apartment. Done! Peanut and I ordered a few pieces that we like and when they arrive we'll get frames and put them on the walls.

December Goals
1. Roll over IRA into Roth IRA, set aside taxes. I don't know if I have until April 15 to do this the way you can max out a Roth that late, but I'm going to trick myself into doing it this month.  Just to get it off my to do list!

2. Research and purchase an ereader. This is a tax writeoff for me, so I need to take care of it in 2009. Right now it depends on price--the price of the DX I'm currently testing for school or a Sony. I'd consider the nook but I want something I can take home with me during Christmas break so that puts it right out--they're now shipping after January 5.

3. Another trip to Goodwill to donate. I've given a LOT of stuff to Goodwill this year and I'd like to do at least one more run to include on my taxes. Maybe next year (my first year without mystery shopping!) I can do taxes the simple way.

4. Look into laser hair removal. I got a $175 off coupon from Completely Bare, and I have $575 in the fund already--might that be enough to do one of the locations I want to get done? I want to look into it before the coupon expires on December 31 anyway.

5. Stick to budget with Christmas shopping. I have just over $400 left in the gift fund and about 14 gifts to buy. My immediate family seems to stick to the $10-20 range so I should be just fine, but I do need to get cracking on it.


  1. What type of ereader are you looking at? A Kindle?

  2. Is it really worth the tax benefit to ask for receipts at Goodwill? I donate a LOT of stuff but my accountant said it's really not worth it.

  3. @WellHeeled--probably not. The Kindle has a HUGE drawback in that it's a closed system, and I'm not getting one for pleasure reading but for work, so I need to be able to upload PDFs and many other sorts of documents. And there's a big conflict in uploading unpublished manuscripts to a device which is accessible by a distributor/competitor of my company. I'll consider purchasing the Kindle DX that I've been beta-testing for school, but only if they've got a really knock-my-socks-off deal, which I'm not expecting. So I have to decide between a Sony, the nook, or one of the many other off-brands.

    @Bonnie--it can be worth it, depending on how you do your taxes. I've probably donated close to $1,000 worth of stuff this year, and the way I do my taxes (thanks to belly dancing and mystery shopping) makes it very advantageous for me to write off things like this. That's part of the reason I want to do this in 2009--next year I will not have that side income from mystery shopping (and maybe not dancing, either) so I won't be itemizing and writing things off, so it won't be worth it. It depends on the individual situation.

  4. I went to bare beauty in astoria and was pleased with the results. This is probably because I got a pretty good package deal and had realistic expectations.
    For elecrolysis, I'd recommend Arlene Batz. She's kinda far out in Queens but not a big deal if you're near the BDFV line. Slightly embarrassing to ride public transportation with a flaming red upper lip, but it's not my regular commute so I'll probably never see them again.
    Just wanted to give an outer borough recommendation. I believe you can get the same quality service but at a better price.

  5. Thanks for the suggestion, anonymous--I hadn't really been thinking of any Queens-based salons, but there's no reason to rule them out, especially if there's a savings to be had! The areas I want to get done aren't, um, visible to the general public so I'm not worried about riding the train afterwards!


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