Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The day after my birthday is not my birthday, Mum

(Peanut has been watching a lot of Flight of the Conchords lately).
1800Flowers has about eight hours to seriously impress me.
First of all, their $40 gift certificate promotion was fairly misleading--receiving a coupon "in a couple weeks" is not the same as receiving a coupon "within the first ten days of the following month". I mean, it COULD be, but the details could have been clearer. I still would have signed up for it, but I wouldn't have waited so long to order the bouquet for my mother's birthday, in hopes that I could get her something really really nice with that $40 coupon.
Instead, I waited until the last minute I felt comfortable, which was last Wednesday. I ordered a bouquet for delivery on Saturday (her birthday was on Sunday, but deliveries weren't available on the actual day). I went with 1800Flowers because they were the only site that even offered delivery for Saturday--I understand this was a holiday weekend, but if I receive confirmation that flowers will be delivered on a certain day (especially when "Holiday delivery guaranteed!" is plastered all over the site) then I expect delivery on that date.
Obviously that didn't happen. Before calling my mom on her birthday, I logged in to 1800Flowers to make sure that they'd been delivered, and all it said was "order placed 11/25" and "order confirmed 11/27". So I called, and the rep told me, "Oh, they called you on Saturday to tell you they couldn't deliver the flower". UM. No, they did not. I didn't even have a missed call on Saturday where they MIGHT have tried to reach me. He apologized, rescheduled the delivery for Monday, November 30, and offered me a partial refund for my trouble. I felt that was perfectly acceptable service and thanked him. I called my mom, apologized that her gift was late and told her she could expect it on Monday.
Guess what didn't happen yesterday? Yeah. Again, NO call, NO email, NOTHING.
So I called them this morning, and was put on hold for ten minutes while a different rep tried to figure out what was going on. No clue. He was very nice, but kind of unable to help me--he's at a call center somewhere, so it's not like he can go shake his finger in the florist's face, and apparently they're not answering the phone right now.
I asked him to escalate the complaint and make sure the flowers get delivered today, or I want a full refund immediately. So they've got about eight hours before I check back in, and if the flowers haven't been delivered, I'm going to be pretty upset. Although I know my mom will understand, I am not happy about sending her flowers a week after her birthday, when they were ordered and confirmed several days before.


  1. I'm sorry your flowers weren't delivered. Please keep us posted on what happens.

  2. Unfortunately situations like yours are happening often.
    A friend of mine is in the floral business and has told me about issues like this, as well as other deceptive tactics of online and 1-800 companies.
    The best rule of thumb is to use a local florist in the area that you are sending flowers to.
    Here is a website with more information: http://www.floristdetective.com/
    Hope this helps!

  3. At this point I would demand a full refund, and a delivery of the flowers. But that's just me. I've complained to Proflowers and 1-800-flowers before and they've mostly been responsive to those complaints in the past.

  4. I too have had issues with them in the past. They delivered dead flowers a day late. I got new flowers resent and a full refund! After I was on the phone for about 15 minutes and continued to escalate my complaint.


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