Thursday, December 31, 2009

December Recap/January Goals

December Recap
1. Roll over IRA into Roth IRA, set aside taxes. Done! I converted my traditional IRA into a Roth and am just waiting on one more piece of paperwork to combine with my account at another institution. Also waiting on tax paperwork, but I have enough to cover it in savings.

2. Research and purchase an ereader. Done!

3. Another trip to Goodwill to donate. Done!

4. Look into laser hair removal. Done! A more detailed post to come about this.

5. Stick to budget with Christmas shopping. Done! I had a budget of $400 and spent $330.

Wow, that might have been the most successful month ever!

In 2010, I want to try to create monthly goals that help me achieve my New Year's Resolutions. It won't always line up properly but I'd like at least one of the monthly goals to directly help me achieve my resolutions. So, to that end:

January Goals
1. Max out Roth for 2009. I need to complete the paperwork for the transfer between institutions and add an additional ~$1,000 or so. I have until April 15 to do this, but I'd just like to get it out of the way.

2. Meet with my thesis advisor, pick a topic, and map out a research and writing schedule. Kind of a cheat putting this on my goals, since I'm pretty sure it's required that I do this, but I do want to focus on it. I'm hoping to complete the paper by May, although I have until August to turn it in.

3. Book plane tickets to Costa Rica/Los Angeles and request time off work. I have lodging in both places, so really the expense should just be airfare and food.

4. Not buy any new clothes. I really have everything I need, so I'd like to try to stay out of the stores and use that money for something else.

5. Pay for Spring 2010 semester out of pocket and submit paperwork for tuition reimbursement. Paperwork is filled out and waiting signatures. 

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