Monday, December 7, 2009


A very cool look at author Robert Heinlein's "space age" house, featuring built in furniture, cork floors, and brilliant temperature control. Heinlein's one of my favorite authors, and this house is pretty cool, although now dated.

Peanut and I have been doing a lot of from-scratch cooking lately (including bread bowls!). I want to try these whole wheat tortillas sometime.

I so want to visit this soda shop! The owner clearly has a passion, and some of those sodas sound really tasty. I'm hoping to visit a friend in LA in 2010; this is definitely on the itinerary.

Online coupon use is skyrocketing--use increased 85% from September 2008 to September 2009. I'll be honest, I've always used online coupons. The last thing I do before I check out at any website is google the website and the words "coupon code". I usually find at least $5 off, sometimes it's as much as 40%, and I've been known to cancel the purchase entirely and go to a competitor if I see a better deal there. I'm glad the rest of the world is catching on to this--between the comparison shopping possible with the web and online coupon use, there's just no reason to pay full retail price for anything anymore.

Do you exchange gifts with your significant other? Peanut and I did exchange gifts last year, but we set a $20 limit. We’ve been talking about it this year and we might go in for something we want together rather than buy each other stuff. I loved having something to open from him (and he did such a great job getting me stuff I wanted and needed and stuff we still use all the time) but maybe we could skip exchanging gifts in general.

I like this post, about acceptance, priorities and balance—important to keep in mind about finances but about everything else in general.

Ramit’s guest blogger shares some really inspiring stories of how people tamed their workday to reasonable and manageable times. I’m struggling with setting a good schedule at my job lately—so many people want me in meetings and probably half of these meetings are not necessary (not just that it’s unnecessary that *I* be there, but they’re ENTIRELY unnecessary—“Let’s have a meeting to talk about that email!”).

I’m glad I got into publishing when I did, and I hope I can stay in it for a while, but this news isn’t good.

FB is stopping shopping! She's not buying any new clothes until December 2010. That's a commitment I could not make at this point in my life. Well, let me rephrase. I COULD--I don't really need much new stuff. But it would be very, very hard.

I love this cake!

I've only ever been to one of these "parties" and I totally walked away with some earrings. I would be really upset if this became a regular thing among my friends, though--I'd rather hang out than be sold something!

Interesting how rituals trend from the midwest to the urban east coast. Most of the people on Free Money Finance's list I won't be tipping, because I either don't have them (babysitter, pet-care provider) or have no idea who they are (garbage man, mailman). But I am expected to tip the superintendent of my building. I'm not sure how much we'll give him--he has a new baby at home, but we've had our stuff sitting in the middle of the bedroom for weeks waiting for him to come fix the water damage caused by a radiator leak upstairs. I hate this dance.

Good advice for this season on how to shop online safely.

How much do deal and rebate sites actually save? The answer is, of course, it depends. It's a pretty interesting read, especially the original NYT article.

From Get Rich Slowly, travel sites that save time and money. I hadn't heard of most of these and will be using them next time I book a trip.

I love New York, but I also loved watching New York get blown up, eaten, and washed away in this movie montage of New York destruction.


  1. That cake is so neat! I have no reason to make it, but I want to.

  2. HELL YES to no shopping! :)

    I only have 3 exceptions.. but other than that, NO SHOPPING.

    I need to see that I can do this.. more of a personal challenge, really.

  3. Thanks for the shout out!!! And OMG, I totally enjoyed that post on IWTYTBR about time management, too!! I need to start doing that!

  4. Uhhhh yeah, that anon comment was me - whoops!


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