Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Reviewing 2009's Resolutions

In 2009, I made nine resolutions. How did I do?

1 Do yoga three times a week. Fail. I got on a good kick there for a while in the summer, but couldn't stick with it. I gained 10-15 pounds in 2009, thanks to being too busy for dance classes and a partner who's a great cook.

2 Go to bed early/get up on time and eat a healthy breakfast at home (starting two days a week). Success! I eat breakfast at home every single day now, and I much prefer it to a bagel at my desk. I seem to have found a good schedule for going to bed and getting up, although I could always give myself a little more time in the morning, particularly since I want to try working out before work.

3 Cook more often and more interesting things in order to stop eating out so much. Success! Well, if I'm perfectly honest, Peanut cooks more than I do, but I always do the dishes! This year we made bread from scratch, including bread bowls, several soups from scratch, and many tasty desserts. We also discovered a yummy pan sauce that we can make quickly and Peanut has perfected his pizza-making art. I have some more ideas, but I think this is firmly entrenched. We enjoy cooking and eating together and have started buying ourselves some quality tools (chef's knife, corian cutting board, dough mat, pizza stone) which we're using.

4 Handle some things with my family and finish therapy. I'd have to mark this one as "in progress". I'm out of therapy after twenty months and have a much more stable relationship with my entire family, and a much better insight into myself. I need to keep working on my relationship with my mother, but I feel like it will come and I'm looking forward to the discoveries we'll make together on that journey.

5 Keep GPA above 3.8. Success! I started 2009 with a 3.85 GPA and had one 4.0 semester, so my average is now up to 3.86. I only have a thesis to write, so I guess that's locked in. Woo hoo!

6 Start stepping away from the internet a little more and focus on real life, specifically at work. I'm doing better on this. Still room for improvement, but particularly at work, I'm able to focus on work and not on the shiny internets.

7 Update this blog three times a week. I'm doing pretty good with this. I have no grand aspirations to turn this blog into a money-maker, or get super high readership or anything like that. I'm so flattered that anyone reads it at all, and I love the insightful comments. I want to contribute to the PF blogosphere because I so enjoy reading.

8 Develop and stick to a new budget and stay under flex spending cap. Depends on how you look at it. I didn't stay under the flex spending cap, but I was close (I think $200 over?). I did stay under budget, in part because moving in with Peanut cut my expenses almost in half. I also got a big raise. At any rate, the only debt I acquired was student loan debt and my savings are building nicely.

9 Start saving for “future” fund. I have started this fund, and am excited about the possibilities. It's really open-ended right now--could be for a wedding, or a down-payment on property, or to pay off my student loans in one fell swoop or who knows what else. I've been saving with goals in mind for so long that it feels really cool to just be saving because I can.

Ten resolutions for 2010 are coming soon!

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