Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I've been seeing a lot of posts about how Christmas is so commercial and terrible and everyone should boycott it. And you know what, I get it--blah blah blah. Screw you, scrooges. I like buying Christmas presents for my family. We don't really do presents for birthdays in any big way, and we aren't outrageous, spending maybe $25 on each person. Every other year, my siblings and I all wind up under the same roof at the same time, and that's the most frequent it happens now. We don't have much in the way of Christmas traditions because our parents worked in the medical field and frequently were on call or at the hospital on Christmas day. Heck, my sister and I worked 16 hours together one Christmas, running a radio station in our hometown.

But we do have a small gift exchange, and we do really carefully picked out gifts for each person. Two years ago, my brothers got my sister and I the coolest gift--a giant travel mug from our state's college team, and filled it with things from "home" we might be missing--all kitschy and hilarious, and really, really touching. And I like it. And all you people with your anti-Christmas gift rants are bumming me out.

So pffft. I'm buying Christmas presents and if that makes me a cog in the corporate commercial machine, so be it.


  1. I'm with you!!! There are a lot of blogs where couples are just doing under $20 gifts, or going to some activity together. My guy and I like the gift exchange... some gifts are extremely thoughtful and others are inside jokes. My family still does decent gifts, about $100-$15o a person (mom, dad, brother, and less for dad's wife) and we love it. However, there is no expected amount... its more, see something you think they will enjoy, get it! One of the gifts that parents always love is personalized calendars each year.

    Anyways, enough rambling, but I'm with you... Cogs unite!

  2. I'm just sticking to a total budget this year, and finding gifts for some friends. My family is boring and won't do Christmas, so I just do a small version on my own. :P Still, no boycotting here!

  3. I think the most important part of the holidays is the family time. My family doesn't really do gift now that we are older which is actually better. There's no pressure to outspend or get the "perfect" gift. If I see something that I think they might like, then I get I'll get it, but nothing very pricy and I don't expect anything in return. I think it's better that way, honestly. It's way less stressful

  4. Gift giving is fine. Just stay within your budget and know that less expensive gifts can be great depending on the thought behind it. I just posted about the best gift I ever received and it costed very little.

  5. I feel the same way! As long as you're giving gifts that mean something, I don't see a problem with gift giving. My husband and I totally go overboard with gift giving, but it's the one time of year we really do that. So I feel okay about it.

    Also, a Christmas tree just isn't the same without packages under it!

  6. Me too! I love picking out special things for people that they'l love OR that present that they just won't buy themselves...

    It makes me smile to make others feel special. Maybe that's selfish.

    Oh well! Merry Christmas!

  7. I love gift-giving, especially at Christmas, and am not ashamed of it. I've definitely gone 'over budget' this year, as always, but it's worth it.

  8. I was never brought up to celebrate much of any occasion, and gifts were usually around the $20 range (maybe 50 tops). I'm definitely a fan of keeping it simple, but I find a lot of joy in finding a perfect present for someone else!


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