Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I think I just found my laser hair removal place. I've been there before, apparently, probably for Spa Week a few years ago. I'm going for a consultation tomorrow evening, and if I like them, I'll buy two packages--underarms and brazilian--for a spectacular price, covered by my savings and Christmas money.
I don't remember being there, but I'm in their computer. Over the last five years that I've been going to Spa Week events, I've made a point to always go to new places and try new services just to see what's out there. I've rarely had a problem and there's only one place I definitely wouldn't go back to, so assuming everything goes well tomorrow night, I'll just consider the search over.
Their prices are much more competitive than some of the other places I've been looking at, plus they have a 30% off two packages deal right now. At that price, I can afford to do both treatments right off the bat, and start funneling the money I've been saving for it to another goal.
Fingers crossed!


  1. what laser are they using and how much is the package costing? Just curious... I'm likely buying a $4,000 laser hair removal package that includes unlimited hair removal for the rest of my life, with a $20 copay each time I go.

  2. How much does this kind of thing cost? I've flirted with the idea, but never really priced it.


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