Friday, January 1, 2010

Bye bye, unwanted hair!

My consultation at the hair removal place went very well so I bought the packages I wanted. For $900 total, I will have six sessions each of IPL for bikini and underarm.

Yes, that is a phenomenal price. My initial estimates put the cost at more than three times that.

One of the reasons this place has such lower prices is that they're using a slightly older machine. The Alexandrite machine is the newest machine but the results aren't that much better (for me, anyway) than IPL. But spas that have purchased newer machines are still trying to recoup the cost so they charge much higher prices. The IPL machines work just fine on me, and the spa has been in business for many years so they're not as concerned about making back what they just spent on some fancy machine.

I like the spa--it's convenient, clean, nice, and the technician was very knowledgeable. We set up my first appointment for about a week from now (I was, um, unprepared at the consultation, since I figured they wouldn't have time to do me then). One thing I forgot to take into consideration was tips, so I'll have to figure out a rate per visit and add that amount to the fund. Touch-up sessions after the initial six visits are $10 per minute, and run an average of $100 per year for two or three years before most people have enough hair loss that they quit coming in.

So, all told, the six rounds plus touch-ups plus tips will run me, total, less than $1,500, and I was originally expecting $2,000 to be the base, plus touch-ups and tips. And now that I've purchased the package and scheduled my first appointment, I'll be done with the series by bikini season 2010. I'm thrilled!


  1. Eek. You're a braver gal than I! I don't like the whole "laser" idea. I'm just a big chicken.

    That said, if you're constantly spending on leg waxes and, er, other, I bet this adds up to huge money savings! I was appalled to find out just how much leg waxing runs in salons. No wonder products like Nads sell so well!

  2. I don't know about brave. The pain really isn't that bad, much less painful than a wax.

    The bigger problem is that I have really sensitive skin, and shaving or waxing my bikini area leads to painful and unattractive ingrown hairs, and I bruise from waxing. I don't want to be a dirty hippie (at least in this regard), so this is a method that works for me. Also, it winds up being MUCH cheaper than regular waxing, which helps seal the deal.

  3. This is very interesting. I wish I knew a way to price out this kind of thing without a bunch of time outlay and a bunch of stupid hard-sell "free consultations."

    Maybe have my husband call and say it's a gift?

  4. You know, I thought I'd have to go in and face a bunch of hard sells, but most of the spas I looked at listed their prices online! Many places now allow you to purchase packages or gift certificates through their websites, so they've got prices listed.

    That might just be a perk of living in a huge city, but do some googling--I bet you'll be surprised by the range you can find online.

  5. I got laser hair removal on my bikini and legs.

    I am an idea candidate since I have exceptionally fair skin and dark hair.

    I had to have 9 treatments on my bikini area, and still have to shave every 3 months. My initial package was for 5. So count on having to do more, because you will need more.

    Just FYI.

    Also, they give you a cream to numb the bikini area, so it doesn't hurt at all. =)

  6. I had my bikini done here (6 sessions for $1200, touch-ups are $15 each) and for the most part, the 6 sessions removed 85% of the hair. The touch-ups are cheap though, and I get my eyebrows waxed at the same time for free as a perk. I love the results in general, but whoever says it doesn't hurt? Either has very strong tolerance of pain, very thick skin, or something. Mine hurt even with the topical lidocaine. What helped immensely though was taking ~600mg Advil about an hour prior to each session. The swelling and redness was drastically reduced with Advil.

    Good luck!

  7. You know, one of my estheticians told me I have a very high tolerance for pain, but I thought she was just flattering me. I really don't find the procedures that painful--it's like being snapped with a rubberband, so it's not comfortable, but it's almost totally painless compared to waxing, which leaves me in tears.

    Thanks for the reminder about Advil, though! I have my first round tonight and will remember to take some before I head over there.


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