Friday, January 1, 2010

December Spending Review

Mystery shop payment $60 (the final one!)
Misc Income: $677.53 (interest, Pinecone payments and cash Christmas gifts)

General savings $525 (electrolysis, the future fund, the sunny beach vacation fund, etc)
Retirement $147.70 pre tax (company matches that)

Cell phone $77.65
Charity $60
Clothes $105.21
Entertainment $149.52 (Paperback Swap, Nutcracker ballet tickets, renting movies and buying books while on vacation)
Food—dining out $291.30
Food—groceries $91.55
Gifts $336.53
Household $63.35 (the joint account owes me some reimbursement for this but I'm going to figure it out later)
Internet $16.98
Laundry $10.00
Medical $5.80 (dental payment)
Personal $971 (hair removal services and miscellaneous purchases)
Rent $687.50
Stupid Tax $39.50 (bank fees)
Travel $62.19 (gas while I was on vacation)
Utilities $52.50

Total spending: $3,020.98


At least the biggest jumps were expected and saved for (hair removal, travel, gifts). Looking forward to getting back to normal, though!

Networth updated (see sidebar). Another gain in my retirement accounts, to the tune of $800. 

Also updated are my sidebar trackers. I revised the laser hair removal tracker to reflect the full cost of the services ($910) plus tips ($40 per visit, six visits=$240) for a total of $1,150. I had saved $700 towards this and will throw $450 of my Christmas money towards it, so it's complete! When the charge hits my card, I'll pay it off in full and transfer the remaining money to my checking account to be used for tips. 

I also added a relatively arbitrary $10,000 as the goal for the future fund which currently has $1,566 in it. The sunny beach vacation fund will be depleted soon as Peanut and I are planning a trip to visit my brother in his new beachside abode in Central America (free lodging! translator! chauffeur! and cook!).

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