Monday, January 11, 2010

The future of my industry

Lucky me, I picked the eReader that MacWorld picked as the best one. (You have to click through to all the articles to see the marks; to save you the time it's the Sony Touch.

This also comes on the heels of a report by the Electronic Frontier Foundation that takes a look at how the different eReaders can spy on their users and report data back to the parent companies. Again, lucky me--Sony can learn nothing about me unless I purchase books through their bookstore, and they don't maintain any data that they could turn over to law enforcement agencies (not that I'm worried about that, but I think it's important that we're able to use these devices to read all sorts of different types of material for any reason without reprisal). They have a handy chart here.

Lots is changing in the world of book publishing. Honestly, I'm so thankful to have a job in it right now, because I don't know if it's going to be around in ten years, at least not in any way that resembles what it is now, to say nothing of what it was ten years ago. More than once last week I felt like I'd been transplanted into the world of iPhone apps instead of books anyway, since that's what I spent the majority of my time on.

Despite getting a degree in this niche, I'm ok with starting a new career later on if I have to. I feel like my guiding life philosophy, if I have to narrow it down, is to take any opportunity that my grandkids won't believe. So I'll just sit tight and see what happens for now.

Do you still read books? Are you interested in reading books on a digital reader? How much do you think digital books should cost? Do you know anything about publishers, or are you only familiar with the authors? Do you use your local library?


  1. Let's see...yes, I read books! Lots of them. Many are from the library, but I do make an effort to buy new at least sometimes to support authors and the industry. I'm not really interested in eReaders...there's nothing like the feel of a real book, and I spend enough time staring at a screen. I'm not terribly familiar with publishers, though I'd like to be more knowledgeable about them.

  2. That is actually one of my goals this year - to read more books. I don't mind reading a book electronically, but until the costs of the eReader go down, I think I'll stick to reading books at the library.

  3. I knew it was the best! :)

    I've been eying that one for a while even when the Kindle and the Nook came out

    I tried it in store, and I liked how the swipe function was easy to use, and that it was fairly light

    I only wish it was cheaper by $150, like at $200 and I'd consider buying it.

    scratch that. I WOULD buy it.

  4. I LOVE to read. I do get books from the library and I purchase my favorite authors. I had a conversation with my MIL yesterday about an e reader. I may take hers for a tes frive before I make a decision. There is still nothing like the pages of a book to turn.

  5. I am an avid reader and even converted my husband into more of a reader. Thanks to dyslexia, he didnt read at all until we were married.

    I just got a Nook and I love it! I have been plowing through books! It allows me to read while playing fetch with my dog and not getting the pages all slobbery! I love how as soon as I finish one book, I am on to another and can purchase new books instantly!

    I do feel that ebooks should be less expensive than their paper counterparts if only for the fact that there is less material.

    Do you know anything about publishers, or are you only familiar with the authors? I know nothing except that there are a few publishers that carry a genre of book that i generally like.

    Do you use your local library? NO! It is incredibly tiny and I have read most of the stuff in it. I have donated many books to them for their book sales to buy new books and frequently find my donated books now on their shelves. Im okay with that but it was hard going from a much larger library with more selection to a smaller one that i had already read most of.

  6. Argh, I wish I'd known that several months ago. I was given a Kindle last year and debated about whether or not I should hold on to it or return it to Amazon to buy a different reader, but I waited too long.

    Stuck with the spying Kindle. Drat.

    But it works, so I can't really complain too much.

  7. i go to the library maybe twice a week, i just love how a book feels in my hands. i don't think i'll ever go digital... so much of life is filled with electronics anyway, its nice to keep some things old school

  8. Bf gave me the kindle sometime last year... so I'm also being spied on. I don't like the idea, but it won't affect me. For now, I'm very happy with what I have. I'll upgrade to a better ereader in a few years.

    I'm familiar with some large publishers, but am more familiar with authors. I haven't used the library in a long time. I think the digital books on Amazon are too expensive, but it's hard to say what they "should" cost - I still want the authors to make money.

  9. I read constantly but cannot see myself ever going digital with it. I'm in love with the whole mythology of books. I cannot see ever buying a Kindle (and I'm sure I'm one of the few people my age who have never used iTunes or downloaded an MP3). I do use the library but I also buy a lot of books as well.


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