Friday, January 15, 2010

How Long I'm Working For What

Inspired by this post on Lifehacker, this is how long my stuff owns me. Included in the calendar below are the non-negotiable things I can't avoid paying for post-tax: housing, food, medical and personal care things like toothpaste, household requirements like electricity, and clothes including purchases and cleaning. It's a very rough estimate based on the entire year and I just realized I left out my monthly transportation expenses but all of this is post-tax and that's a pre-tax work perk, so I don't even want to figure out how I'd display that.

Without further adieu:

I'm doing pretty good! Only half the days I work for things I can't get away from paying for. The rest of the time I'm actually choosing what to spend my money on: travel, gifts, cell phone, etc.

Here's another way to look at it (by actual budget categories, so it doesn't match the calendar exactly):

This was a very interesting exercise. I wonder how it will change when I'm paying off student loans?


  1. This is a great post!!!

    I wish I could do it. (No job right now)... But I will once I get a cheque..

  2. Wow, that's one of the coolest PF things I've seen in a long time... and a bit depression to think how mine would look! Give I have two main income streams I'm curious how it would look. Be nice if it motivated me to have all necessities covered by one and extras and savings by the others. Thanks for the fantastic idea!


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